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The use of Drones in all areas of industry and business has grown rapidly over the past few years and with the available technology evolving at such a pace Aerial Pixel aim to stay at the forefront of the best technology available to ensure we can always provide excellent results for the Client.

The use of Drones are endless from providing an aerial site survey for construction work to filming a sporting event the possibilities and benefits they can bring to all areas of industry and business can be limitless.

3 key aspects the services of Aerial Pixel can bring to your business.

A Drone can get to positions to capture footage that otherwise would be impossible, photographs and video can be gathered from the ground allowing you to fully assess and analyse a situation where work may be required, this can be done instantly via a live HD feed to a monitor. A Drone doesn't replace the fact that you may still need a person to work at height or in a potentially hazardous area, but it does help reduce the time and exposure needed there by capturing good footage which will aid planning and ensure a task can be completed with minimal risk.

Time Saving:
The footage that can be captured by a Drone, sometimes with just a single 10 minute flight, could well take hours if not days to gather using conventional methods to access an area thus greatly increasing your business efficiency.

Cost Effective:
If you are improving safety and increasing time efficiency it is inevitable there will be cost savings.

Aerial Pixel is fully licensed to work commercially with a "Permission For Aerial Work" granted by the Civil Aviation Authority and are RPQ-s qualified, we also carry 5 million public liability insurance. At Aerial Pixel we always strive to deliver the best service possible in a professional manner whilst working to the regulations and guidelines set out by the CAA. Whether you use our services or that of another company offering the use of Drones you should always check they hold the correct authorisation to conduct aerial work and have appropriate insurance cover.

More information regarding regulations that all UK operators need to abide by can be found on the CAA website at: https://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=1995, and a full list of qualified UK operators can be found here: https://www.caa.co.uk/docs/1995/SUA%20Operators%2011Sep15.pdf.

Below are some of the applications Aerial Pixel can use Drones for:

  • Wind Turbines, both on and offshore inspections of blades, tower & nacelle, more specific to offshore windfarms a Drone could also be used to check any difficult to reach areas of the transition piece and offshore substation

  • Media and Promotional Photography / Videography

  • Pipeline surveys

  • Overhead powerlines, checking insulators, conductors, connections and the actual tower structures

  • Telecoms mast inspections

  • Remote High Level Inspections on roofs, chimneys, bridges etc

  • Provide aerial monitoring of any projects progress

  • Quarry surveys pre and post blasting, quantifying product

  • Archaeology Surveys

  • Landscape & Topographical Surveys

  • Agricultural & Crop Surveys

  • Estate Agent Property Showcases

  • Sporting event Photography / Videography

  • Coastal Erosion Inspections

  • Planning permission evaluation

  • Golf Course Flyovers

  • Security monitoring

  • Weddings

  • Search & rescue

  • The list goes on...

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